Cloud AMP system for MODX

CMS MODX is quite popular with users around the world. According to Ruward Track, this content management system accounts for about 3% of the market.

MODX is chosen for ease of installation and the ability to configure the system for its own needs. CMS becomes the basis for information and marketing sites, online stores.

Why AMP is needed in MODX?

Google recently completed experiments with Accelerated Mobile Pages and provided an opportunity for all sites to use advanced technology. It is interesting in that it allows the resource to display the page directly in search results. The technology works so far only on mobile devices.

Pages using AMP technology are indicated by a special icon representing the image of lightning in the circle. And users are already beginning to actively use the innovation from Google with Internet surfing.

In addition, the search engine automatically picks up sites with AMP above the rest. And this is an easy way to get mobile traffic to a resource.

AMP technology is another way to stand out in search results and it's foolish not to use it.

What is AMP?

The new js-library Google called Accelerated Mobile Pages. The basis of her work is a special layout, which means blocks with text, pictures, advertising, design elements.

Customizing Accelerated Mobile Pages will require knowledge in layout and programming. Specially for site administrators an AMP-service is offered that allows to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages technology in MODX. The project was developed by a team of experienced programmers to fully automate the translation of resources to a new layout.

AMP-service independently makes a copy of the site in accordance with the requirements of Accelerated Mobile Pages. "Smart" algorithms do not require access to the source codes of the pages, which is convenient in terms of saving time and security. The finished copy is hosted in the cloud storage and is available to the crawler and users. Thus, the hosting server can be reduced, which means that you do not have to pay extra for additional processor power and memory.

It is enough for the owner of the site or the administrator to register on the AMP-service or to leave an application, provide the address and wait for the scripts to finish working. In a few days Google will index the AMP-version of the site and the coveted icon will appear in front of the address in the search result.

Until all owners of sites on MODX know about the possibilities of implementing AMP. Take advantage of excellent technology from Google, while your competitors are not aware of. Just leave a request, and we'll do the rest.

Why do we trust the implementation of AMP

Rapid introduction

Run AMP within 1 week


No access to the source code of the site is required



Web development experience


For any CMS, frameworks and self-written sites

Prices for AMP for 1 template page *



1 month




6 months


is free


12 months


is free


* A template page is a set of dynamic pages that work on the same principle.

Examples of one template page:

  1. All detailed pages with the goods are 1 template page
  2. All sections of the catalog are 1 template page
  3. The main page of the site is 1 template page
  4. All the detailed news pages are 1 template page

Order for consultation and implementation

AMP is easy to implement in other platforms