Cloud AMP system for HostCMS

HostCMS, according to the "Runet Rating", is one of the top five commercial CMS. The system perfectly copes with the creation of sites of varying complexity. For administrators, CMS offers good performance and functionality.

Commercial sites are often created on HostCMS, the main purpose of which is the sale of goods and services. And all administrators know what a high price today to attract visitors to resources.

But Google and the team of independent developers are ready to help with the allocation of your resource in the search engine.

Accelerated Mobile Pages for sites

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology works with mobile sites. Recently, Google worried about the speed of loading pages. So, from the summer of 2018, search engines will lower sites with slow page loading.

The technology Accelerated Mobile Pages has become one of the steps to improve the life of mobile users. The technology allows you to load pages immediately in search results. Websites with AMP support are highlighted by the corresponding icon with a lightning bolt. And users already know that the pages will load almost instantly.

Additionally, Google raises the sites with Accelerated mobile pages in the issue. Which is convenient for those who want to get more mobile traffic to the site.

AMP is a js-library that has its own layout that selects only text and images to it. Google adapts the resulting layout and shows pages of sites without leaving search results.

Using AMP in HostCMS

Accelerated Mobile Pages technology works with any sites. It is enough to specify the necessary layout and the site will be displayed in the SERP. But here the question arises of knowing the programming and layout of site administrators. Of course, you can pay to the coder and programmers who make the necessary changes, but you can do it even easier.

We have developed an AMP-service that integrates Accelerated Mobile Pages into HostCMS. Site owners are not even required to provide source codes, passwords and logins. All necessary operations for integrating Accelerated Mobile Pages into HostCMS are carried out by special scripts. An experienced team of programmers provided a stable and fast operation of scripts and the ability to work with a wide range of CMS.

In fact, a copy of the page with AMP-layout is created. Moreover, the copy is not stored on the hosting, but is located in the "cloud". Thus, it is possible to save space on servers.

Practice showed that after a few days after the server's operation, the cherished icon will appear opposite the pages of the site on HostCMS. So, users will more often choose it for viewing on mobile devices. To use AMP on the site, just leave a request.

Why do we trust the implementation of AMP

Rapid introduction

Run AMP within 1 week


No access to the source code of the site is required



Web development experience


For any CMS, frameworks and self-written sites

Prices for AMP for 1 template page *



1 month




6 months


is free


12 months


is free


* A template page is a set of dynamic pages that work on the same principle.

Examples of one template page:

  1. All detailed pages with the goods are 1 template page
  2. All sections of the catalog are 1 template page
  3. The main page of the site is 1 template page
  4. All the detailed news pages are 1 template page

Order for consultation and implementation

AMP is easy to implement in other platforms