Cloud AMP system for Bitrix

Not so long ago, Google introduced a new technology AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages / Accelerated Mobile Pages). It is a js-library that integrates browsing the site directly in search results.

As an experiment, AMP technology has tested a number of news sites. Next to their name, a special badge appeared in the search result. By clicking on the link, users could view the text from the page without downloading the entire site.

What is the advantage of AMP?

AMP was developed as a means of saving traffic to users. It is aimed at those who actively use the mobile Internet. By downloading only the text and necessary illustrations, as well as blocking additional elements, it was possible to reduce the amount of traffic consumed.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are now available for most sites. Administrators and developers have begun to actively implement the new technology, as more and more users pay attention to the cherished icon in the SERP.

Google actively promotes new technology and automatically raises AMP-enabled sites above the rest. For webmasters, this is an opportunity to attract more mobile traffic to resources.

Using AMP in Bitrix

According to data from the analytical agency Data Insight on August 14, 2017, CMS Bitrix held 28.7% of site management systems installed in online stores. In addition, Bitrix is ​​actively used to create virtual business cards, catalogs, news sites and blogs.

The introduction of AMP into Bitrix gives a competitive advantage by increasing the speed of loading pages from the SERP. While technology has not become ubiquitous it is necessary to have time to take advantage of its advantages.

How to implement AMP in Bitrix?

The essence of Accelerated Mobile Pages in the proper markup of the page. Text, images, advertising, design elements - are set using styles. For their designation, you need knowledge on layout and programming, which administrators often do not have.

However, you can implement AMP in Bitrix without special knowledge and skills. For webmasters we offer a special AMP-service, which automatically connects Accelerated Mobile Pages to the site. In fact, a copy of the site with AMP-imposition, which is stored on the cloud server, is created.

Experienced team of programmers provided scripts that help quickly translate the site to a new version of Google, despite the type of CMS.

To work, the AMP service does not require the source code of the site. It will create the necessary layout and place it on a cloud server. In a few days, the AMP icon will appear in front of the site in the SERP. All you need to start the process is to leave a request for the use of the service.

Why do we trust the implementation of AMP

Rapid introduction

Run AMP within 1 week


No access to the source code of the site is required



Web development experience


For any CMS, frameworks and self-written sites

Prices for AMP for 1 template page *



1 month




6 months


is free


12 months


is free


* A template page is a set of dynamic pages that work on the same principle.

Examples of one template page:

  1. All detailed pages with the goods are 1 template page
  2. All sections of the catalog are 1 template page
  3. The main page of the site is 1 template page
  4. All the detailed news pages are 1 template page

Order for consultation and implementation

AMP is easy to implement in other platforms