Cloud AMP system for Joomla

Google almost every year changes the ranking algorithms, making it difficult to work on the promotion of the site. You have to constantly be in the subject and spend not only time, but also money for SEO-optimization of pages.

But it seems that this time the search giant decided to help the sites advance in mobile search. It's about implementing a mechanism called Accelerated Mobile Pages. Work on it began in 2015, and already in 2016 it was given to users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages works on mobile devices. Technology allows you to access information on the page without going to the site. By clicking on the link with the AMP icon, only the text and the desired illustration are loaded. This saves a lot of traffic and page load time.

What is the benefit of Accelerated Mobile Pages?

For webmasters, AMP becomes a real salvation in progress. After all sites with technology support receive a special icon in the form of lightning on a gray background and move up the issue.

Another thing to consider is the fact that AMP technology will become mandatory for sites. It's not for nothing that Google is actively promoting it. So, there is a chance to become more visible while competitors did not apply Accelerated Mobile Pages on their resources.

The conclusion is simple - the introduction of AMP will help to win high positions in the search issue without additional costs. So, attract additional mobile traffic.

How to implement AMP in Joomla?

There is nothing difficult for AMP to work in Joomla. Just need to create a copy of the site with the AMP-layout, which is exactly what the js-library, developed by Google, understands. The layout rules can be studied using technical documentation, which is already available on the Internet.

It is clear that the technical documentation can be understood by a programmer or layout designer. For the rest, it will become too difficult an obstacle for using Accelerated Mobile Pages. We launched the AMP-service, which allows you to apply Accelerated Mobile Pages to Joomla for everyone. The experienced team of programmers developed a simple and user-friendly interface for the work, which proved itself well in trials with real large projects.

AMP-service makes copies of pages on its own "cloud" hosting, taking into account the requirements of Accelerated Mobile Pages. The work will be completed much faster than if it were done by a person.

At the same time, you save seats on hosting, and Google easily finds AMP-pages and puts a cherished icon next to your site. After that, you just have to enjoy the increase in the number of views and conversion of visitors to real applications. Leave the request and get the opportunity to break away from the competition today.

Why do we trust the implementation of AMP

Rapid introduction

Run AMP within 1 week


No access to the source code of the site is required



Web development experience


For any CMS, frameworks and self-written sites

Prices for AMP for 1 template page *



1 month




6 months


is free


12 months


is free


* A template page is a set of dynamic pages that work on the same principle.

Examples of one template page:

  1. All detailed pages with the goods are 1 template page
  2. All sections of the catalog are 1 template page
  3. The main page of the site is 1 template page
  4. All the detailed news pages are 1 template page

Order for consultation and implementation

AMP is easy to implement in other platforms