Cloud AMP system for DataLife Engine

DataLife Engine - popular Russian CMS, which is actively used to create various sites around the world. DLE is perfectly suited for SEO optimization of sites, so it is often chosen by webmasters and site administrators.

With the advent of an increasing number of sites, it becomes more difficult to stand out against the background of others. Begins a real struggle of tweaks in SEO and the battle of budgets in contextual and targeting advertising. Therefore, any way to allocate a resource with minimal investments can be considered a real salvation.

What is AMP?

The appearance of AMP can become a saving straw, allowing you to highlight your site against the background of others. Sites that support this technology receive a unique icon in the form of a lightning in the search engine Google.

From a technical point of view, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a separate js-library. It was created by developers from the Google team. And it is likely that Yandex will also look to the technology used by the "older brother."

Google already highlights the priority for pages with AMP, artificially raising them in search results. For site owners, this mechanism allows you to get more mobile traffic.

AMP requires the creation of pages with a special layout, in which there are no third-party scripts, page design elements, and the like. The user can view the site with the technology Accelerated Mobile Pages directly in the issuance, so the developers have laid out a limited functionality, which implies the layout of only the necessary elements: images and text.

How to implement AMP implementation in DLE

Get the cherished icon, of course, a good goal. But for starters, site administrators are offered to familiarize themselves with the official documentation, where necessary AMP-tags are prescribed. After that, we will start implementing the technology.

Implementing AMP in DLE can be tricky. Especially for you we offer a convenient AMP-service, which independently analyzes the pages of the resource and creates its copies already with the necessary layout. Experienced team of programmers provided the possibility of code integration in almost any CMS and even a self-described site.

In order to use AMP in DLE, you do not even need to provide source code for the site. All necessary operations are performed on the fly and resource users will not notice any changes. The AMP-copy of the site on the DataLife Engine is stored on the cloud server, that is, administrators do not even have to buy additional server space.

After all operations, Google will index new AMP pages and your site will receive a cherished icon that will highlight it against the others. Have time to leave an application for using the service, until it's done by competitors.

Why do we trust the implementation of AMP

Rapid introduction

Run AMP within 1 week


No access to the source code of the site is required



Web development experience


For any CMS, frameworks and self-written sites

Prices for AMP for 1 template page *



1 month




6 months


is free


12 months


is free


* A template page is a set of dynamic pages that work on the same principle.

Examples of one template page:

  1. All detailed pages with the goods are 1 template page
  2. All sections of the catalog are 1 template page
  3. The main page of the site is 1 template page
  4. All the detailed news pages are 1 template page

Order for consultation and implementation

AMP is easy to implement in other platforms